E-Blast Newsletter

Did you know we send out a Discount Fabric Warehouse E-Blast newsletter every Sunday morning? It’s filled with sneak peeks of new machines, information about classes and events, and even a E-ward, our version of a coupon! Our E-Blasts are constantly changing so one week you may find a project sheet linked, while another you may get a recipe. You never know what’s going to be shared!

Want to get our E-Blast newsletter? Use the button below to take you to our nifty little form where you’ll be able to sign up! We use a double opt-in verification, so please make sure to check your e-mail within about 15 – 20 minutes of signing up to see if you’ve received your confirmation. You’ll need to complete a requested action inside that e-mail before you’ll be added to our list!

One last thing, while we encourage anyone who’s interested in knowing about what’s going on at our stores to sign up for our E-Blasts, please note that you need to be a VIC member to use any of the E-Wards or take advantage of a lot of our special sales that happen throughout the year. You can find out more about our free VIC program by clicking on the VIC link on the top menu bar.

Frequently Asked Questions and E-Blast Troubleshooting

Are you have issues with our E-Blasts? We’ve created a handy-dandy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for you to check out! Please, please, please check out this sections before e-mailing. Our social media person who answers your e-mails gets a bit grumpy when she’s asked the same question 10 times and it’s already been answered here. But, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for on this page, feel free to e-mail fabricdfw@gotfabric.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

I signed up for the VIC membership but have not received my e-mails yet. 

 It does take some time for the VIC memberships to be synced with our E-blast contact lists. If it has been more than a couple of months and you still have not received any E-mails, please contact us. There is a chance that the lists have not been synced, but if you give us your name and E-mail address, we can add you manually.

I haven’t been getting my E-blasts. What gives?

There could be various reasons why you have not been receiving the E-blasts we have been sending out.

1) Check your Spam/Junk Mail folders. If you have not read one of our messages in some time, it could be that your E-mail provider is filtering our messages into your Spam/Junk Mail folder, thinking that you do not want them anymore. If this is the case, and you find our message in this folder, make sure that you mark it “Not Spam.”

2) You may have unsubscribed. It happens. You may have gotten an E-blast and decided that you don’t want to get them anymore because it isn’t relevant to your life at that time. So you unsubscribe. Months later, you forgot that you unsubscribed and can only think that you haven’t gotten a message from us in a while. Unfortunately, our mailing list provider, Aweber, will not allow us to add you back on from our end. You will need to use the link above to subscribe to our mailing list again. Not sure if you unsubscribed? You can always use the link to update your information. It won’t do anything if you haven’t unsubscribed. It’ll just ensure that you’re really on our mailing list.

3) Check with your significant other or anyone else who may have access to your E-mail address. Seriously. This has happened before. Someone who can get into your E-mail may have thought that it was junk mail or maybe decided that you shouldn’t be shopping at DFW right now and deleted the E-blast. You never know.

4) Are you sure you’re checking the correct E-mail address? If you were getting it delivered to your work E-mail and you no longer work there, you may not have changed your address. Or if you don’t check a specific E-mail address anymore, you may want to verify that it’s going to an E-mail address you do check. If your E-mail address needs to be changed, please E-mail fabricdfw@gotfabric.com with the subject “E-blast E-mail Change”. We’ll get that taken care of for you.

So what do I do to get it again?

The best thing for you to do in any circumstance is to use the link above to update your information. There may have been a communication error and somewhere along the lines your information may have gotten mixed up. By using our sign-up form to update your information, you’re making sure that you put in that information correctly and the E-blast will go to the address you want it to.

You’ll also want to make sure that you add fabricdfw@gotfabric.com to your Contacts List or Address book. This will let your E-mail provider know that you want our messages.