Charity Sew Projects

We’re always looking at how we can help the community around us through sewing. Throughout the year, Discount Fabric Warehouse hosts a number of charity sew projects benefitting various organizations. We encourage those in the sewing community to learn a new project and help others.

Current Ongoing Projects

To find out about all of the ongoing charity sew projects that we host, click on any of the links below. (Please note that the organizations that benefit from these projects vary by island.)

We update each of the pages as new information arises (such as new tutorials and patterns) or as we enter new annual drives for the projects. Make sure you’re signed up for our E-Blast newsletter to learn what our current charity sewing drive is!

We also love seeing your donations! If you complete a project and bring it in for donation, make sure to take a photo! You might find it being shared on our social media!

Looking for Champion!

Are you the Champion we’re looking for? We are currently looking for key individuals to lead charity sew projects!

Do you have a charity sew project in mind, an organization or cause that you’re passionate about, and the time to make this project a reality? While we can help provide advertising, fabric (within reason), and logistical support, we need people to help coordinate and lead new charity sew projects! (This includes, but is not limited to: providing patterns, instructions, and tutorials for the project, coordinating and hosting group sewing events (through Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) as necessary, coordinating for the distribution of donations once the drive is completed).

If you’d like to be a Charity Sew Champion, please click the button below to fill out our interest form!


If you have any questions regarding any of our projects, please feel free to contact us at