DFW 27th Anniversary Celebration!

Our 27th Anniversary Celebration is going on now! There are some fantastic sales and specials to help us celebrate! Come in to take advantage of these deals until July 02!

Click the image to be taken to the larger PDF.

Please keep in mind that you need to be a VIC member to qualify for any of these amazing specials! But don’t worry, it’s free! You can find out more information on our VIC program here and then come into any of our stores to sign up.

Didn’t get the Mailer in Your Mailbox?

If you’re a current VIC member and haven’t told us that you didn’t want the physical mailers anymore, you should have received the ad in your mailbox! However, if you recently moved and didn’t update your address, it may not have arrived.

Need to change your address? Want to be taken off our physical mailing list? Maybe you didn’t get the mailer by Friday, June 17, 2022? You can update your address or request to be removed by filling out ourĀ Mailer Update Request Form. If you did not receive the mailer by Friday, feel free to complete the form and we will make sure that your address is on our list. Please make sure that all information is completed if you are updating your address. We need to have your previous address that is in the system so that we can ensure that we are updating the correct person’s address. Any incomplete forms will not be processed. Note: you will not receive the current mailer in your mailbox when you update. All updates and changes will take effect with our next mailer.