Face Masks 2.0

It’s been many months since we initially shared our page of patterns, tutorials, and tips for making fabric face masks. As it becomes a part of our reality and folks are looking for more comfortable masks or just ones that fit them a bit better, we decided that maybe it’s time to revise our mask page. If you’d like to see the original post, please visit our Fabric Face Masks post.

But we have lots more patterns and tutorials along with new tools and products that you can use to help make your masks, whether store bought or homemade, fit better.

Just A Note: Before you attempt any of the following tutorials or patterns, please do your own research on whether or not the materials you are looking to use are appropriate. We are not medical professionals and do not claim to know what is the perfect materials to make masks out of. We ask that you take some time to make sure that your materials are suitable.

Patterns and Tutorials

3D Face Mask (By Sweet Red Poppy)

Pattern | Video Tutorial

This face mask is one of the easiest to make and extremely comfortable! The free pattern from Sweet Red Poppy comes in a ton of sizes – from Toddler to XL Adult!

Helpful Products

Many of these products are available at our Discount Fabric Warehouse stores. Please inquire at your local store to find out availability.

Plastic Face Mask Insert

These inserts can be place inside your mask to help push it away from your mouth and give you more room for air to circulate.

Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard

Tired of putting your mask down and wondering if it’s still clean when you pick it back up? Use a lanyard to let it hang temporarily around your neck. You’ll also have a hard time forgetting where you put your mask!

Adjustable Ear Loops

One of the best ways to make your mask fit better is to adjust how it fits against your face. When making a mask, use these adjustable ear loops to easily make your mask fit a variety of faces!

Plastic Mask Stoppers

Have an already made mask that you want to make adjustable? Use these mask stoppers on your ear bands. They’re easy to put on and easy to use! We have two different ones: bead style stoppers and cylinder stoppers.

BioSmart Fabric

There’s an amazing new fabric in town and we have it stocked! BioSmart™ is a patented bleach-activated technology that is engineered into the fabric that binds chlorine from your washer to the surface of the fabric. The chlorine then stops the growth and spread of bacteria. By using EPA-registered chlorine bleach, not “color-safe” bleach, this technology will kill 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria. Rather than having chemicals that wash out, every time you wash the fabric using bleach it reinforces the power of the antimicrobial qualities. The fabric also has a treatment that is a deterrent to fading so colors should stay crisp. BioSmart™ technology is durable to in excess of 75 industrial wash cycles.

PM 2.5 Filters

PM2.5 filters are made from the same advanced materials used for respirators like the N95 and KN95, in addition to activated carbon fabric. These filters provide protection from fine particulate matter or tiny particles or droplets in the air that are two and one half microns or less in width.

Nose Wires and Nose Bars

Want to create a better seal across the bridge of your nose? Do your glasses fog up when you wear your mask? Use a nose wire or nose bar. Which should you use? It comes down to personal preference. Nose wires are a bit like twisty ties – they’re thinner and have a bit more flexibility. Nose bars conform to your face a bit better. So it’s up to you! We suggest giving both a try and seeing which you like better.

We’ve also upgraded our ear band options! Not only do we have elastic in stock (in a range of sizes) but we also have soft, stretchy round cord and colorful elastic cord that can take your masks to another level!