Holidays 2020: Gift Guide for The Beginner

Do you have a beginning sewer in your life? Maybe someone who’s looking to get into sewing or has just started sewing? Or maybe you’re a beginning sewer yourself and need some ideas of what to ask for as a Christmas gift? We have some ideas for you!

Sewing Machine

Okay, so maybe this is a given. We have machines of all different price points and all different capabilities, from the most basic of machines for a beginning sewist who is just starting to dip their toes into the sewing black hole (and you know that it’s a black hole – once you get in, you’ll never get out) to top-of-the-line machines that seem to do everything but wash the fabric for you! Our machine experts can help you find that perfect machine for that special person.

18-Spool Thread Set

Why get only one color of thread (unless you’re like some of our sewists and really only use one color because they don’t want to have to match colors or change bobbins…) when you can get a whole set of different colors? An 18-spool thread set will give your budding sewist a whole range of colors to choose from and it can only go up from there!

Fun Notions!

We currently have some amazing notions that can be used as little gifts, or even as stocking stuffers! Tiny embroidery scissors, fun pin cushions, seam rippers (because who doesn’t need one of those…or ten?!), and more await! (Selection varies by store, but our staff can definitely help you find some fun things!)

Just the Basics, Please!

Why not create a gift basket with all of your favorite basics? From pins to seam rippers, scissors to empty bobbins – give your beginning sewer all of the things you wish you had when you were just starting out! We’re sure they’ll love it!

Discount Fabric Warehouse Gift Cards!

And for the person who doesn’t know what to get…or doesn’t know how much to spend…why not give a gift card? That way your sewist can buy some fabric, maybe a pattern or two, some new notions that catch their eye – whatever they fancy! It’s also a great way to get them to experiment since they can take their time and browse the store.

Many of these ideas have been contributed by our Discount Fabric Warehouse family. Come and see what else we have for you at one of our stores!