Holidays 2020: Gift Guide for the Fashionista

With so many making their own clothes, altering things they already own, and just being creative, there’s a whole new generation of sewists who are turning into fashionistas! And getting them a gift that fits their new interests might be a challenge. But we have some ideas for you! Read on!

Gingher Scissors

One of the top brands in sewing scissors, this would be an amazing gift! Durable and well-made, a beautiful pair of scissors can make a huge difference in the way fabric is cut. (And if you want to make it ultra-special, pair it with a gift card so your fashionista can get their scissors sharpened!)

Dress Form

For most aspiring fashion designers, they love to see their designs on a body. That’s not always possible (especially if they’re making something for themselves) but with a dress form, they can see exactly how the fabric will drape or fit. It’s also a great way to display their works of art!

Sewing Basket

They’ll need something to corral all of their little bits and bobs, won’t they? Sewing baskets come in different sizes and designs. Fill it with cute sewing basics – thread, pins, etc. – or even some little treats to make it even better!

Curve Ruler

Useful when altering patterns for garments, a curve ruler would be most appreciated by any fashion design enthusiast. They’re also useful if you need to make any sort of alteration to the garment itself. (Maybe pick one up for yourself and check it out!)

Gift Cards

Okay, we can’t get away from suggesting this one again. Gift cards make an amazing gift for any sewing enthusiast. They can pick out their own patterns, fabric, notions, or even save up for a new sewing machine. Choose the amount you want to put on the card and it’s as simple as that!

Ideas listed in this gift guide were suggested by staff members at our Discount Fabric Warehouse stores as well as fashion design students.