Embroidery THIS!

The holiday season is upon us! And what better gift to give your loved ones than the gift of a unique, hand-embroidered piece straight from the horse’s mouth! Or, well, hands! 

Always dreamed of personalizing your holiday gifts and lending them a unique flavor? Look no further! Follow the tips below to embroider beautiful pieces that will have your loved ones cooing in aw! 

Tip #1: The magic is in the fabric! 

Okay, we’re not telling you to go and buy some magic fabric (but if you find some, snatch it up!) Embroidery is all about the fabric you choose. High-quality, non-stretchy, and opaque cotton is going to be your best friend, especially if you’re just getting started on your embroidery journey. 

Tip #2: One stitch to rule them all! 

As long as you use different threads! When your floss count changes, even if your stitch stays the same, you can still create a myriad of different looks and textures. Try switching out your high floss count thread for a lower one and see what difference it makes! 

Tip #3: Have FUN!

As cliche as it might seem at first, it’s the truth! The more fun you have with it, the more your embroidery will improve. Try out different designs, colors, and fabrics to get a feel for what you really love. You’re going to mess up (more than once) but that’s part of what makes learning embroidery so fun! 

Which tip are you going to try out first? We can’t wait to see what beautiful creations you stitch up! And make sure to check out our class calendar for some really fun and exciting embroidery classes this month! 

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Hilo Teen Summer Sewing Classes

Does your teen want to learn how to sew this summer? Space is limited for our Teen Summer Sewing so sign up today!
6 Classes per session

Time: 9AM – 12PM

Cost: $150 +tax per session

Session 01:

Monday/Wednesday: June 13 | June 15 | June 20 | June 22 | June 27 | June 29
Tuesday/Thursday: June 14 | June 16 | June 21 | June 23 | June 28 | June 30

Session 02:

Monday/Wednesday: July 04 | July 06 | July 11 | July 13 | July 18 | July 20
Tuesday/Thursday: July 05 | July 07 | July 12 | July 14 | July 18 | July 21

To register or for more information, please call (808) 935-1234 or come in!

Don’t Let Your Thimble Slip – Save Your Thumb With These Sewing Tips!

We know sewing is life. That’s why we run a business centered on sewing, after all! 

So, in the interest of giving new and old avid sewers like you some hot tips to keep your thimbles on your thumbs, we’ve compiled 3 quickies for you to dive into. 

Number 1: Join a community! 

Now, we may be biased, but we think we’ve got the best community around here at NorCal Sewing and Vacuum! Joining a community means you get to share patterns and gossip with people who have the same sew-eet interest as you. 

Number 2: Pre-wash everything

And we do mean everything. You wouldn’t slip on a pair of undies fresh from the store, right? Or at least… I hope you wouldn’t. But aside from the hygienics of it all, pre-washing your fabrics helps you avoid shrinkage and warped seams. You don’t want a nasty surprise after your first wear, do you? 

Number 3: Practice makes perfect… or something close! 

Here at Norcal, we know there’s no such thing as “perfect.” But we like to think we know what it’s like to get pretty darn close! Enough boasting, though. Let’s be serious. If you want to become a master seamstress or seamster, you need to practice your stitches until you know them up, down, around, and sideways. Don’t worry, though! We have classes for that! 

Join one of our upcoming sewing classes to become a true master at the art of needlework, and watch your skills soar. With classes for seam makers of all levels, we know you’ll find something perfect. 

We can’t wait to see you there. 

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National Embroidery Month 2022

National Embroidery Month is celebrated every February! This month we’re sharing with you videos, projects, tips & tricks on all things embroidery! And if you’re an embroidery newbie, we can help you find that perfect new machine to get you started on your journey. Check back on this page throughout the month of February 2022 to see what we’ve added!

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Holiday Projects 2021

Quick and easy holiday sewing project ideas so you can create your own homemade holiday gifts! All of the projects on here were featured in our 2021 Holiday Mailer! Click on the images below to be taken to the projects!

Reusable Snack Bags
Boxy Bag

Furoshiki Knot Wrap

Holiday Project 2021: Boxy Bags

Perfect for small gifts, travel, and more! This bag is great for on the go!

Click the image above to be taken to the project

This project comes from The Seasoned Homemaker and is their Zippered Box Pouch. It’s perfect for a project that you can work with your teen on as a gift for their friends. Fill it with little trinkets and goodies and you’re good to go! You can make them in any size you want! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Holiday Project 2021: Furoshiki (Knot Wrap)

Learn how to make this beautiful and reusable gift wrap! Please keep an eye out in our weekly E-Blast newsletter! We’re planning a LIVE session on Facebook to show you how many different ways to use your furoshiki to wrap your holiday gifts!

Click the image above to be taken to the project

This project comes from Miss Matti. It’s been a highly requested project over the years and we wanted to bring it to you! There are so many ways to use a knot wrap and the best part is they’re reusable!

Brother PR680W

Are you ready to take your embroidery passion to the next level? With six-needle speed, a generous embroidery area, wireless connectivity, and over 100 built-in embroidery designs, with the Entrepreneur W PR680W 6 Needle Embroidery Machine, your entrepreneurial dreams may be closer than you think.

Main Features

  • WLAN
  • Crosshair Embroidery Droplight Laser
  • Security Lock Modes
  • 100 built-in designs, 18 monogram font styles, 140 frame pattern combinations, 50 lettering fonts, 50 built-in utility stitch designs, and 10 buttonhole styles in 3 sizes
  • 8×12 Embroidery Field

Brother Innov-is XE-1

Come in and check out the Brother Innov-is XE-1 this holiday season. Experience the freedom and comfort of embroidery with the large 9.5” x 14” embroidery area. No more re-hooping when combining designs, giving you the power to handle virtually any project with ease. Let your imagination and creativity run wild with the extensive library of 727 built-in embroidery designs including over 100 Disney designs.

With the My Design Snap mobile app, perfectly place your design exactly where you want it every time. Snap a picture of the embroidery area, preview it on screen with your design and you’re ready to embroider! If that isn’t convincing enough, create more in less time with embroidery speeds up to 1,050 stitches per minute and more!

Main Features

  • My Design Snap Mobile app for Background, Line Art and Illustration Scan.
  • Large Embroidery Area of 9.5” x 14”
  • Over 700 Built-in Embroidery Designs and Fonts
  • Large 10.1″ built-in high-definition LCD display
  • Fast Embroidery Speeds up to 1,050 stitches per minute
  • MY DESIGN CENTER, a Brother Exclusive that offers new design capabilities
  • Built-in LED Embroidery Pointer