easy baby blanket

Easy Baby Blanket

Okay, so you don’t only have to make a baby blanket using this quick tutorial. You can also make a lap blanket for an adult. Or a nap blanket for a kiddo. It’s a pretty versatile project! These blankets can be whipped up in no time at all with just a couple of yards of fabric!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1 1/2 yard of cotton print (width of fabric should be 44/45 which is standard).
1 1/2 yard of flannel (you can also use a minky fabric if you’d like)
fabric scissors
sewing machine and coordinating thread

(NOTE ON FABRIC: You’re not limited to using one cotton print and one flannel. You can also use two flannel pieces. Or one flannel and one minky. Or one cotton and one minky. Take your pick!)

Ready? Let’s Go!

1.Prewash cotton fabric and iron.
2.Spread out flannel on large surface like a table or the floor right side up
3.Place cotton fabric right side down on top of the flannel.  Line up the edges. (Try matching up a corner and pinning it together and then working the two sides from there. The third and fourth sides may not exactly line up…it happens. If you want to square up the cotton fabric before starting, feel free to do so.)
4.Trim with fabric scissors using the cotton fabric as a guide so that you have two pieces the same size.
4.Don’t move the fabric once it has been cut and pin all the way around.

Time To Sew!

5. Take pinned blanket to the sewing machine and sew at a 5/8 seam allowance with the flannel on the bottom.  Back stitch at the beginning and end leaving a 6 inch opening.
6. Trim corners.  Be sure not to trim through threads, leave about 1/8 of fabric.
7. Turn blanket right side out
8. Pin 6 inch opening closed.
9.  Take blanket to sewing machine (flannel on the bottom) and with coordinating thread, sew 1/4 inch all around the blanket smoothing with your finger and assuring there are no bubbles and wrinkles as you go. (You can rub the seam between your fingers and finger press to help it stay flat). Back stitch at the start and stop.

And you’re done! Trim all of your threads and, if you want, iron your project so that all of the edges and seams stay flat. Super simple, right? Now go forth and make a whole bunch of blankets! (They make great gifts…maybe for Christmas?) Happy Sewing!