Halloween Postcard Heading to Homes!

Are you a VIC member? Do we have your mailing address on file? Then you should be getting our Halloween Postcard Mailer in your mailbox very soon! The mailers are estimated to be arriving in homes on Monday (October 17) or Tuesday (October 18). But if you don’t want the physical mailers, don’t worry, we have the postcard here for you!

If you don’t receive your postcard by Friday, October 21, 2022 and you would like our physical mailers or you have recently changed your mailing address, please let us know by filling out our Mailer Update Request form. We would appreciate you making sure that you include both your previous address as well as your new address (if you are changing your address). Although we are unable to send you the postcard, we will update your address in the system (or verify that what we have on our end is the same as the address you provide) so that you receive our next mailer. If you have any questions, please email us at fabricdfw@gotfabric.com