Hilo Warehouse Sale 2023!

We’re opening the doors to our Hilo Warehouse for One Day Only!¬†This popular event only happens in Hilo and you can’t get these deals and savings anywhere else!

The normally closed to the public, the warehouse located directly across from DFW entrance is open to the public for One Day Only – October 14, 2023 from 9AM – 6PM!
This is a BULK sale – not for everyone – with a min. of 5 yard cut . Some items are sold by full bolt or roll only.

If you’ve never heard of our Warehouse Sale before, this is the one day of the year that we open up the regional warehouse to the public. The sales and specials will NOT be available at any other store! It’s a ONE DAY ONLY Sale, no “can I come tomorrow?” no holds, no phone orders. You have to be there to get the savings.

Here are some of the finer details:

  • This is a warehouse sale. This means that products are not displayed for retail. You may have to hunt a little.
  • It’s a Bulk Sale. Anything we cut is a minimum of a 5 yard cut. There will be lots of smaller items this year but anything we need to cut will have a minimum of 5 yards. Some items are only sold by the full bolt or roll.
  • There will be little (or no) staff to give you one-on-one assistance in selecting fabric. It’s more a self-service, fill your own wagon event. There will be limited staff available to help with heavy rolls, but not the normal level of service you would find in the stores.
  • Not everything in the stores is in the warehouse – but everything in the warehouse is on sale for at least 50% off! (You’re not going to find that in store.) But just a warning that if you’re looking for a very specific fabric, you may not find it in the warehouse sale.

Here’s just a bit of what you’ll find this year:

  • Home Decor (Tropical, black out, solids, velvet, microfiber, and more)
  • Canvas
  • Muslin
  • Aloha Print Flannel
  • Some Licensed Fabric (Disney, SPAM, etc.)
  • NFL Fabric
  • Cotton Prints
  • Fleece
  • Flannel
  • Hawaiian Prints
  • Palaka
  • Headliner
  • Vinyl
  • Demin
  • Camouflage
  • Big $1 Section – including $1 a piece fabrics (no measure, no cut pieces) – from 1/4 yard to 3 yards
  • Patterns
  • Buttons – 5 cards for $1
  • NEW SELECTION THIS YEAR! Pre-Cuts! Fat Quarters, Singles, and Bundles. 1/2 yard cuts, 1 yard cuts, Jelly Rolls, and Layer Cakes!

And who knows what else will appear? We always find small quantities of unique and interesting items.

No Early Birds! We are not able to take pictures of fabrics for you, nor can we tell you exactly what is going to be in the sale. (And don’t ask the staff at the Hilo store. They won’t be able to tell you either.) The sale will only be from 9AM – 6PM on Saturday, October 14, 2023. Miss it and you’ll have to wait at least a year until the next sale.