Hilo Warehouse Sale 2022!

It’s back! We’re opening the doors to our Hilo Warehouse for One Day Only! This huge sale hasn’t been held in a few years and with the amount of work it takes to get the warehouse ready for it, it may not happen again for a few more years, so don’t miss out! 

The normally closed to the public, the warehouse located directly across from DFW entrance is open to the public for One Day Only – October 08, 2022 from 9AM – 6PM!
This is a BULK sale – not for everyone – with a min. of 5 yard cut . Some items are sold by full bolt or roll only.

Here’s the newest update from Bill!

Everything offered for sale in the district warehouse located across the entrance to DFW Hilo is 50% off or more!
1,000’s and 1,000’s of yards of almost every kind of fabric imaginable! Huge inventory of home decor, upholstery, drapery/slipcover, tropical, curtains, black out, Name brand cotton prints, licensed prints NFL prints, vinyl, muslin, canvas, head liner, dress fabric, mesh, cotton linen – assorted, assorted, assorted!

New section this time:  $1 per piece up to 3yds in length – no cutting no measuring – just $1 per piece!

We are still cleaning up and gearing up for this sale – not much advertising this year so it’s unclear how big a crowd we will have. In the past, the 1st two hours have been busy and the last two fairly tame with the hours in between – somewhere in the middle. If you want the best selection come early grab a cart and take your time. This is a “hunt”!

Things are not presented for retail, it is a warehouse so things are set up that way – not like a store- we won’t have staff to walk with you or take you to a particular type of fabric – it is a hunt! With treasures to be found! If you hate crowds, we would suggest for you to come a bit later. You may not have as wide of a selection, but you’ll still be able to find some awesome things!
We will have staff to help you take a roll off a shelf and put it in a cart or take it to the cutting table. Just not our normal level of customer service.

Notions and surprises – you never know what fun unexpected unique items we will add in (time and space permitting)! Like patterns for $1, or real leather hides and 1/2 hides, or ? You will just have to come by and see!
9-6 Saturday October 8th! ONE DAY ONLY! No, we cannot take orders over the phone. No, we cannot take pictures of any of the fabrics and send it to you. You’ll need to be there to see what we have and to purchase!

Miss it and you’ve have to wait at least a year until the next sale! It has been 3 years since our last sale and it might be 3 or more before our next one. Don’t miss this one!