Holidays 2020: Last-Minute Gift Guide

So, you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, huh? Maybe you’re trying to find those last few gifts and you’re running out of ideas and time. Well, we have some ideas that might help you find that gift for your sewing friend, quilter, or embroidery fan in your life. (Many of these ideas were given from various sewing friends. It was hard to pare them down to just these few!)

Thread Sets

A favorite gift of many of the sewists that we’ve talked to are thread sets. Sewers are notorious for loving all colors of thread and wanting to match the thread to the fabric for each project. Why not give your sewing friend a variety of colors to choose from? We have thread sets that you can pick up ready made or we can help you put together one special just for your loved one!

Fat Quarters

This was mentioned a few times by folks alongside jelly rolls. You can give a whole rainbow of coordinated fabric for just a fraction of the cost (and time) it would take to choose different fabrics from around the store. And you don’t even have to stand in the cutting line. Our stores have a selection of fat quarters in lots of different colors that are just waiting for you!

Novelty Trinkets

If you’ve visited one of our stores, you’ll know that there are always lots of different little novelty items that you can pick up. Sure, you could use them as stocking stuffers, but if you’re on a budget, they might be right in your price range! You can find notebooks, embroidery scissors, pins, measuring tapes, and more right near the register! Find a cute little bag, fill it with small items and you have a great gift for someone who loves to get lots of little things!


One thing that many sewists have said that they don’t always think to get for themselves is a good, quality pair of scissors. When you’re first starting out, you often choose inexpensive over quality. And then as time goes on, you start to get used to whatever is easiest to get. So if you really love someone, why not get them a pair of fabric shears? Treat them to something they might not otherwise treat themselves to.

Gift Cards

You didn’t think you could get away from us not mentioning this, right? Why not get a gift card if you can’t think of anything else? Maybe with a note for something specific, like suggest that they give their precious machine a spa day and bring it in for servicing? Or maybe you know that they’re saving up for a machine, so you want to add to their machine fund? Maybe your loved one is looking to start a new project and might need that little nudge to get in the store and buy the fabric. Whatever the reason, gift cards always make a great gift!

We hope that we’ve been able to give you just a few hints on what you can get for your sewing loved ones if you’re in the market for that last minute gift! Let us know what your favorite holiday gift is for the sewing creative!