Maui Christmas Stocking Project

When we asked if anyone knew of any organizations on Maui that would be interested in partnering with us to provide stockings to folks in need on Maui, we were contacted by Lynne saying that her Sewing Hui is working with Makana No Na Keiki. They will be distributing gifts to over 900 children on Maui at an event in mid-December and would we be interested in helping to provide the stockings.

So we are asking our sewing community if they could help with this project. The parameters are similar to those requested by the Big Island organization we helped last year in that we are asking for a minimum size of 15″ and made from child-friendly materials. Lynne as requested that the stockings be lined and has provided a link to an easy stocking to make on the Diary of a Quilter website.

To give the organization enough time to count and stuff all of the stockings, we are collecting completed homemade stockings at our Maui store until December 10. But there are also other ways for you to help!

  • Sew a Christmas Stocking using the pattern linked on the website above or your favorite stocking pattern (as long as it meets the minimum requirements) and bring it in for donation!
  • Pick up a Stocking Kit at our Maui store. Sew the stocking at home and return it to the store for donation. (Stocking Kits have limited availability. Please contact us to find out if they have any for you to pick up.)
  • Volunteer to help put kits together so that others can sew the stockings! We can use all the help we can get!
  • Grab your friends and family and have a Stocking Sewing Party! Some folks can cut fabric, some can sew the stockings! It’s a great project for all ages! Need the space to work on the project? Contact us to check on the availability of space!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy holiday season to help us do one more charity sewing project for 2023. We appreciate all of the time and creativity you’ve blessed us with this past year. If you have any questions regarding this project, please email us at

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